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Our service portfolio

PR is history.

360-degree communication is today.

Our expertise spans the entire repertoire of modern corporate and brand communications, both analogue and digital. We use our cross-sector expertise, working across all channels and in interdisciplinary teams, to deliver excellent quality, bespoke services to our clients.


Public & Media Relations

We create relevance by transforming
topics into news.

Today’s media world is bigger and more diverse than ever before. The battle for public awareness can only be won with relevant content. It’s what makes the difference between being heard or ignored, visible or invisible. To ...


Internal communications & employer branding

Be an attractive employer:
for existing and future employees.

Engage with employees and candidates Be transparent. Show attitude. Internal communications and employer branding are immensely important to a company’s long-term business performance, yet they tend to get ...

Online marketing & digital campaigning

Inspiring cross-media communications aren’t anything but new territory for us.

Social media & influencer relations

Be present in your target audience’s media - with measurable success.

The digital transformation has long since changed all areas of our lives, and it offers you endless opportunities and formats for communicating your messages online. This is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd, to achieve ...

The social media are here to stay. They’re an integral part of both our private and professional lives. We post, share, like, comment and recommend – 24/7. Basically, the social web is a must for anyone who wants to be ...

Reputation management & crisis communication

Well prepared for the
communicative emergency.

Unvermittelt und mit voller Wucht: Krisen treten meist dann auf, wenn niemand damit rechnet.  Dabei fungieren Internet und Social Media regelmäßig als Brandbeschleuniger: So wird aus einem Gerücht in ...

Media training & coaching

First impressions
always count:

Whether you’re in a press conference, a live production or a talk show. In some situations there’s no second chance. You’ll be measured on your appearance, your performance and the substance of your statements. ...

Brand development & positioning

Forging identities with
passion and talent.

Who am I and, if so – how many? Things that sound amusing are often very challenging to come up with. Succinctly defining what constitutes the brand essence and what makes a brand stand out in the market is no ...


Sustainable success with
targeted communications.

Sustainability is far more than a buzzword. Companies are no longer measured in terms of factors such as product quality and business performance alone, but also in terms of corporate social responsibility. As a result, elements of ...

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