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About us

Identity building.

Ever since we were founded in 2002 we have been catering to the entire spectrum of communication requirements of well-known clients – from SMEs to major corporations. A lot of things are different today. People, brands and media have changed. The world is a more complex place and our ‘toolkit’ is more diverse. However, one thing hasn’t changed: audiences are still captivated by compelling content and engaging stories.


Even after two decades in the business we are still driven by a curiosity for inspirational topics, exciting products and pioneering companies. And we still aspire to give our clients an unique signature and to bring their stories to life.

Our team

We work behind the scenes so that you can operate centre-stage.

Our interdisciplinary team of consultants, strategists, brand developers, copywriters and digital experts are the people who orchestrate your successful communications.

Anja Lottmann 
Thomas J. Hartmann
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