Whether a blogger event or product placement: bloggers are relevant influencers and opinion leaders. With their credibility and authenticity along with grass roots communication with fans and followers they are highly valued. Consumers generally gather information online before deciding to buy. Here things like brand and product reviews and experiences from other users as well as authentic reports play a key role. So, influencers can support you with a positive image transfer of your brand within your target group.

We would be happy to find an ideal influencer for your event, your brand or your product. A comprehensive pool of bloggers and regular exchange with influencers is part and parcel of our daily work. Here we focus particularly on sectors like Fashion and Lifestyle, Food, Architecture and the Hospitality Trade.

We can happily provide you with the following expertise:

  • Conception of a blogger event or collaboration with bloggers and influencers
  • Research and analysis
  • Identification of influencers
  • Canvassing and invitations
  • Contract negotiations / agreements
  • Coordination of blogger events, trade fairs, openings, product placements
  • Accreditation and follow-up of blogger relations