Those wishing to communicate need a strategy. This is the most important basis for successful communication that moves people. Our holistic concepts are on point, coherent, understandable and they describe the individual stages required to reach your goals.

Not knowing where you stand means you can’t know where you’re headed either – which is why we watch very carefully. We analyse the market, the themes and the trends afresh for each customer and each project. On this basis we elaborate a strategic communication concept that helps you to achieve your goals with creative, evocative and effective measures. We are committed to achieving these goals for you with enthusiasm and passion.

Our research kicks off with a detailed analysis to pinpoint your current status. For this we observe the market you move in as well as your competitors along with theme, organisation and society-specific conditions. This gives us a comprehensive view of your strengths and weaknesses and, at the same time, defines the opportunities we can use for your communication.

The results of this pinpoint analysis forms the basis of your tailor-made communication concept. The strategy determines which target groups we address, what goals we wish to achieve and what messages we will send long term.

A tactical approach is key here. Because reaching target groups at the right time and place is vital for getting your message across. During the tactical phase we select the perfect tools and measures to target your market. Here we take care to ensure that all measures harmoniously slot into a smooth overall concept.

When implementing our campaigns and concepts we look to our many years of experience as well as our good contacts in the media world. Our experience allows us to come up with a broad portfolio of creative measures that we can deploy for your communication.

To check communication impact it is vital to observe and evaluate these measures. For this reason, we use a broad spectrum of methods – such as media response analyses to gauge the success of your communication. On-going evaluation results are used to constantly adapt the communication strategy.