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Connective Communications

We are Lottmann Communications. 

Communications connect people, brands and markets. We see ourselves as idea givers, bridge builders and opportunity turners. We are an owner-run communications agency that combines a fiery passion for our work with cool-headed strategic thinking.

We can make your company, vision or product relevant by generating awareness, encouraging dialogue and building trust. That creates decisive added value for you.


How do we make our communications work? By getting inside your target audience’s universe – analogue and digital. By knowing their needs. And by speaking their language. We are motivated by our conviction that excellent communication has sustainable and measurable impacts.


Why don’t you let us show you what we can do?




Claudia Johannsen.png

Thanks to the collaboration with LOTTMANN Communications, our OEKO-TEX brand has once again experienced a completely different orientation. In particular, the topics of sustainability and the promotion of young talent are accompanied with great expertise and professionalism. The OEKO-TEX Group always has competent contacts in the Lottmann team who, with great commitment and passion, enable great teamwork.


Secretary General, OEKO-TEX

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