Forming the basis of any cooperation are human relations and these need to be nurtured. Internal communication relates to communication within your company and how and when you come in contact with your staff. Employer branding is initially directed externally, to potential employees, but it should also be aimed internally to the organisation itself.

Because, ultimately, it is your own staff who are your greatest assets. Staff motivation and identification with the company have a long-lasting impact and also increase the success of external communication measures. Satisfied staff are the best calling cards and credible ambassadors for your brand.

Here the agency focuses on:

  • Elaborating your Corporate Identity (CI)
  • Elaborating staff guidelines
  • Communication coaching
  • Conception of internal communication processes
  • Staff newsletter
  • Staff magazine
  • Consulting for the digitalisation of internal communication
  • Setting up and maintaining employer rating portals
  • Setting up and maintaining employer profiles, e.g. on Xing and LinkedIn
  • Planning of regular staff meetings and events
  • Workshops to kick off the campaign
  • Staff coaching