Crisis Communication

Under some circumstances building up a positive image can take years. But a good image could be destroyed in less than an hour. If your company is attracting unwanted media attention due to negative headlines quick but considered action is required. Especially in this day and age when reports on social media channels or online portals spread like wild fire. Here it’s key to keep your head and have a good crisis plan up your sleeve.

If your own company, product or service is being criticised in public, it is key to quickly develop and implement suitable measures to win back customer trust.

Crises and incidents can occur anywhere and at any time. Here are some examples of crisis situations:

  • Staff redundancies
  • Insolvency / closures
  • Product recall
  • Products that are faulty or harmful to health
  • Food poisoning
  • Complaints about bad service / staff / products
  • Pests/vermin
  • Discrimination of customers / staff / guests
  • Critical statements by company management in public

The good news is you do not have to handle the crisis alone! As communication professionals we keep a cool head for you and provide rapid and uncomplicated support in the preparation of the “next steps” – like writing a reactive statement for the media and guidelines for your staff.

Furthermore, we get the following measures underway together with you and are at your disposal as a competent and trustworthy partner for all aspects:

  • Before the crisis:
    • Development of a custom-fit crisis plan
    • Development of a crisis handbook
  • During a crisis:
    • Recording and assessing the situation
    • Recommended actions
    • Writing of statements / press releases
    • Writing of Q&As
    • Guidelines for staff and social media channels
    • Mediation between the company and the media or critics
    • Personal contact with the media
  • After a crisis:
    • Strategies / image-building measures